O-thethemesTraditional Authentic Arabic theme

Our sets are custom made for each studio to reflect the Arabian Emeriti Theme. Starting from Bedouin tents also known as “beit al-sha’r”,  which  reflect a very rich cultural heritage full of tremendous Bedouin traditions, that include traditional interior decorations as well, all with the aim to make it real fun while engaging people with the UAE culture.

The setting displays  the Bedouin desert life reflecting the different aspects of Emirati History and Culture featuring woven dishes, pottery handicrafts  and baskets made of palm trees that would have been used in the past, as well as Arabic Emirati coffee area and Dates plus the well known  Al Harbiyah, and some musical  instruments(Rebaba) to wrap up the themed set up area.

Take a memorable photo wearing the Emirati distinct national traditional dress of a white robe (kandoura) and white head cloth (ghutrah) with a black rope (aqal) for males or a  female Black Abaya along with the head Scarf even a face cover called (Burkha). You can also add some Henna on the hands and face which reflects the real traditions of Emirati Women. Both male and female traditional outfits come in a wide range of sizes – from petite to plus sizes as well tailor sized outfits, as small as 1 year old, to portray  the local Emirati family identity.