We are your one stop themed Photo studio. Not only do we offer complete traditional authentic themed Studio photos, we also offer the opportunity to Place your picture on gift items and souvenirs,  a wide range of mementos to choose from, such as:

  • Phone Cases
  • Personalized Mugs and Tshirts
  • Framed prints

You can transform your photo into an oil painting. Take back home a photograph that is transformed into a treasured work of art, an oil painting that you can frame and keep as a memorable cultural piece.

Henna is very famous art in the Middle East. This art is applied in order to beautify one’s body. Henna is applied on hands, palms, legs, shoulders and other parts of body. There are lots of designs available to choose from.

henna-tattoo-on-left-hand-and-forearm   print3   print1   print4   print2